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Amin Hassanzadeh-Barforoushi (2019)

Capillary-based microfluidic sample confinement for studying dynamic cell behaviour

Azadeh Lotfi (2019)

Impact of Different Stenting Techniques on the Blood Flow within the Peripheral Artery Bifurcation

Eamonn Colley (2018)

Vascular Remodelling Due to Haemodynamics, in an Arteriovenous Fistula

John Carroll 

Models of patient specific AVFs

Kyle Forster (2018)

The Interactions of Streamwise, Co-rotating and Counter-rotating Vortices

PJ Vijayaratnam (2017)

Alleviating the Adverse Haemodynamics of Arteries Treated with Drug-Eluting Stents without Compromising Drug Uptake

Reze Keshavarzi 

Investigation of microbubbles in hemodialysis airtraps

Dave Fulker (2016)

Experimental and Computational Study of the Haemodialysis Vascular Access

Andrew Baglin (2016)

Investigation of Drag Reduction in Turbulent Flow using Superhydrophobic Surfaces

James Keogh (2016)

The Aerodynamic Effects of the Cornering Flow Conditions

Moyin (Bruce) Zhao (2014)

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Fluid-Structure Interaction to Study Upper Airway Occlusion in Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Cameron Stanley (2012)

Experimental Investigation of Cavitation in a Cylindrical Orifice

Caroline O'brien (2012)

The Role of Hemodynamics in Determining Drug Deposition in Stent-Based Delivery

Deborah Mackay (2011)

Experimental and Numerical Studies of Compartment Fires

Ian Watson (2010)

Spatial Verification and Validation of Datasets in Fluid Dynamics

Jonathan Vogt (2010)

An Examination of Ground Effect Phenomena and the Development of Ground Effect Induced Flow Separation on a Downforce Generating Wing

Christopher Beves (2009)

An Investigation Into the Use of Low Aspect Ratio Spherical Wells to Reduce the Flow Separation on an Inverted Wing in Ground Effect

Graham Doig (2009)

Compressible Ground Effect Aerodynamics

Sammy Diasinos (2009)

The Aerodynamic Interaction of a Rotating Wheel and a Downforce Producing Wing in Ground Effect

Jason Middleberg (2008)

Prediction and Validation of the Mean Flow and the Acoustic Performance of Reactive Mufflers Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Yen Chean Soo Too (2007)

Innovative Heat Exchangers for Solar Water Heaters

N C K Pawsey (2002)

Development and Evaluation of Passive Variable-Pitch Vertical Axis Wind Turbines


Abhishek Kallappa 3D CFD models of the aorta


Korrakot Apisuksirikul Using aerodynamics to understand the evolution of flight


Manan Taneja CFD Effect of surface roughness on stenosis growth


Rachitha Padukkage Modelling eccentric stenoses


Sadhvi Malhotra Flow analysis in backward facing step flow rig, for use in a cell study


Ben Chan Using aerodynamics to understand the evolution of flight


Nur Ariffin Cell study from needle jet


Michael Sturm Moreira Model of banding in an arteriovenous fistula


Zakir Sayed FSI of arteriovenous fistula


Zachary Lawler uPIV of stent disturbance


Yan Wang Experimental model of drug eluting stents


Yu Chiu PIV analysis of arteriovenous fistula


Navin Sivanathan PIV analysis of arteriovenous fistula


Gurkirt Singh Aerodynamic evolution of feathers - CFD model


Jade Caldwell Aerodynamic evolution of feathers - wind tunnel


Harry Lee FSI of artery


Joe Koning CFD of patient specific AVF

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