Dantec 3D LDA system

Dantec 3D LDA FiberFlow system is used for 3 dimensional Laser Doppler Anemometry measurements of fluid flow. The system consists of Coherent Innova 70C Series 5W Ion Laser (Ar-Ion Class 4) transmitter box, a Dual PDA detector unit, BSA P80 Flow and Particle Processor, PDA probe, 1D LDA probe and 2D LDA probe. 

LDA 2.jpg

Dantec 2D LDA system

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LaVision MicroPIV system

MicroPIV measurements are made using a LaVision MicroPIV system (Litron Nano S30-15 Laser, 532nm Class 4 pulsed nanoPIV) connected to the Nikon Eclipse TI inverted microscope with 670LD PCO SensiCam.  The laser used for illumination is connected to the microscope through the use of a fibre optic link, which fits at the end of the laser head and attaches to the microscope through the illumination port.