PrO-Research Microtube Centrifuge

Speeds from 500 to 15,000 rpm

Max RCF 22,000 x g

Eppendorf Centrifuge 5810

Speeds from 200 to 14,000 rpm

Max RCF 20,913 x g

Centrifuge 2.jpg
Spin coat.jpg

Spin Coat

To be updated

Harrick Plasma cleaner

Expanded Plasma Cleaner (PDC-002) used for nanoscale surface cleaning and surface activation

Plasma cleaner.jpg
Ultrasonic cleaner.jpg

Ultrasonic Cleaner


Dynaflow Fume Hood

fume hood.jpg
Biological safety cabinet.jpg

Biological Safety Cabinet

Safemate ECO Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

Tuttnauer Autoclave

Tuttnauer 5075EL-D Benchtop autoclave

Tuttnauer autoclave.jpg
Laboratory oven.jpg

Laboratory Oven

Thermoline Scientific

Provides controlled temperature environment for testing, annealling, or thermosetting of materials.

Novascan PSD Digital UV Ozone system

Novascan's Ultraviolet UV Ozone Cleaners are used to UV clean surfaces such as glass and silicon at an atomic level. It can also be used to improve the surface wettability, UV clean AFM probes / tips, UV Clean SEM & TEM samples, UV polymer activation, assembly / bonding of PDMS / glass microfluidic devices, UV clean glass and a host of other UV Ozone cleaning and oxidation applications.

UV Ozone Cleaner.jpg