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3D Microfluidic Flow Measurement system

3D Microfluidic Flow Measurement system

A novel flow measurement facility, specifically tailored for flows that are confined to geometries in the order of microns to millimetres. The facility is designed to cater to the large body of research measuring micron-scale flows, with capabilities in spatial and temporal resolution beyond currently available commercial diagnostic systems.


Specifically, the facility can employ tailored image-based flow measurement techniques to capture time-resolved three-dimensional velocity fields (up to 7000Hz) with unprecedented resolution (> 100 megapixels) over substantial volumetric extents for microfluidic measurements, while still resolving the smallest, yet still dynamically significant scales in the flow. In order to achieve this, the facility innovatively employs two customised three-dimensional micron-resolution particle image velocimetry (micron-PIV) systems.


Beyond fluidic measurement, the facility provides the capacity to accurately observe micro-organisms, biological activity (cell adhesion, thrombus stability, fluorescent receptor markers), thermal collector systems (high flux, microchannel-based solar receivers), and many more mechanical phenomena.

This facility can be coupled to the following cameras



VEO 640

The VEO 640 combines the benefits of four-megapixel imaging with high frame rates in a compact and rugged body.  Available in two styles, L (light) and S (full) the camera is used in a wide variety of applications due to features that accommodate the needs of both scientific and media industries.

  • 1,400 fps at 2560x1600

  • Exposure Index:

  • Mono 6400 - 32,000

  • Color 1250 – 6400

  • 18, 36, or 72 GB RAM

  • 10Gb Ethernet Option

VEO 640


The new Phase One iXM-MV150F was specially designed for the increasing demand
of high quality machine vision applications. The 150 Megapixel medium format camera
provides images with an outstanding dynamic range of 83dB. Equipped with the advanced
backside-illuminated CMOS sensor, Ethernet 1OG and SuperSpeed™ USB, it provides
exceptional image quality

  • 150MP

  • Pixel size 3.76 micron

  • Pixel resolution: 14204 x 10652

  • Sensor size: 53.4mm x 40mm

  • Capture rate: 5fps

  • Dynamic range: 83dB

  • Up to 16 bit per pixel

  • Ethernet 10G


pco.edge 26

The pco.edge 26 offers a 5120 x 5120 pixel resolution with 2.5 x 2.5 µm² pixel size. It is excellent for achieving the maximum level of spatial resolution. This even applies for microscopy imaging with low magnification.

The true charge domain global shutter allows for an exceptionally low readout noise and dark current. Combined with its adjustable cooling the pco.edge 26 enables also to extend the exposure times up to 60 seconds.

pco.edge 26
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