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Yani Zhang    LinkedIn

PhD Candidate, University of New South Wales, Australia. 


PhD Topic:

"Print head design of a 3D Bio-printer"

Research interests: Blood flow, Cell viability, 3D printing


Shear stress has profound impacts on the viability of circulating tumour cells (CTCs), and progress has been made to understand the corresponding mechanism. However, as most studies focused on the responses of immobilized cells that are either seeded in micro-wells or cultivated on glass walls, responses of cells in suspension are less understood. During the 3D bio-printing process, extensive shear stresses are loaded onto suspended cells and thereby affect cell properties. Here, my research focuses on firstly, observing cells’ response patterns towards shear stress, and secondly, improving the design of 3D bio-printer’s print head to assure the viability and other properties of printed cells.


2018-present PhD Mechanical Engineering (CFD), UNSW, Sydney

2017-2018 Research assistant, UNSW, Sydney

2013-2017 BEng Honours Class 1 (Mechanical Engineering), UNSW, Sydney


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