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Xinxing Chen    LinkedIn

PhD Candidate, University of New South Wales, Australia. 


PhD Topic:

"New 3D bioprinter head design"

Research interests: CFD analysis, 3D bioprinting, flow visualization test, microfluidic device fabrication, ultrasound test


My PhD project is to design a microfluidic device to replace the 3D printer head. This drop-on-demand inkjet 3D printer is used to print 3D multicellular spheroids which has a great application on medical drug testing or disease research. A microfluidic print head can significantly reduce the cost, the assembly difficulties and maintenance procedures.  


Flow visualization tests, microfluidic device fabric, computational flow dynamic analysis and MEMS actuator design will be covered in my project. Meanwhile, the potentially application on tissue or organ printing will be discussed.


2018-present PhD Mechanical Engineering (CFD), UNSW, Sydney

2016-2018 Master of Mechanical Engineering, UNSW, Sydney

2015-2016 BEng Honours Class 1 (Mechanical Engineering), IT-Tallaght, Ireland

2012-2015 BEng Honours Class 1 (Mechanical Engineering), Nanjing Tech University, China


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