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Shahin Hosseinzadeh

Master of Philosophy, University of New South Wales, Australia. 


PhD Topic:

"Nonlinear behaviour in elastic coupled inertial microfluidics"

Research interests: Microfluidics, Cell Separation, BioMEMS, Rheology, Biotechnology


He is currently working on design and development of novel microfluidic systems for particle and cell sorting in non-Newtonian media.


2016-present M.Phil. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, UNSW, Sydney

2014-2015 Tissue Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Iran

2010-2014 B.Sc. (Chemical Engineering), SUT, Iran


Somaiyeh Allahyari, Mohammad Haghighi, Amanollah Ebadi, Shahin Hosseinzadeh, Ultrasound assisted co-precipitation of nanostructured CuO–ZnO–Al2O3 over HZSM-5: Effect of precursor and irradiation power on nanocatalyst properties and catalytic performance for direct syngas to DME, Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, Volume 21, Issue 2, 2014, Pages 663-673, ISSN 1350-4177,

Somaiyeh Allahyari, Mohammad Haghighi, Amanollah Ebadi, Shahin Hosseinzadeh, Effect of irradiation power and time on ultrasound assisted co-precipitation of nanostructured CuO–ZnO–Al2O3 over HZSM-5 used for direct conversion of syngas to DME as a green fuel, Energy Conversion and Management, Volume 83, 2014, Pages 212-222, ISSN 0196-8904,

Allahyari, S., Haghighi, M., Ebadi, A. et al., The beneficial use of ultrasound irradiation and nitrate/acetate metal precursors in the co-precipitation synthesis and characterization of nanostructured CuO–ZnO–Al2O3 catalyst for methanol synthesis, Reac Kinet Mech Cat, 2014, 112: 101.

Hosseinzadeh, S., Rafeie, M., Marsh, R., Barber, T., Warkiani., M, Investigating the effect of viscoelasticity on particles focusing in asymmetric straight microchannels, 8th Australia New Zealand Nano-microfluidics Symposium (ANZNMF-2017), 2017. 

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