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Yeo Cheon (Joseph) Kim    LinkedIn

PhD Candidate, University of New South Wales, Australia.


PhD Topic:

"An air trap to effectively remove microbubbles in haemodialysis"

Research interests: Biomedical devices, acoustofluidics, microfluidics, computational fluid dynamics


Current project: Controlled generation and acoustic-driven translation of single microbubbles

Haemodialysis is a clinical procedure that uses extracorporeal circuit system to filter the blood of patients with impaired renal functions. As a safety measure, a device called “air trap” is implemented in the dialysis system to prevent air emboli from entering the patient’s blood stream. However, previous studies have shown that the conventional air traps are ineffective in filtering small microbubbles due to the diminishing influence of buoyancy relative to the drag force for smaller microbubbles, motivating the development of new air trap designs.


Acoustic radiation force offers an alternative approach to control the motion of microbubbles in blood and it is the goal of this PhD research to test the feasibility of the acoustic radiation force in removing microbubbles without damaging the blood. 

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